Church Leadership

Elder of the Seventh – day Adventist church is recognized as a spiritual leader who through church elections is confirmed and ordained to lead the church. This strong spiritual leader must have been in good standing and reputation in the church where he has his membership and the community. In the absence of the church pastor, the church elder is the next spiritual leader and by precept and example must seek to lead the church into a deeper and fuller Christian experience – church manual 18th edition revised 2010 page 71.

He should not be nominated or chosen only because of his social position, eloquence or financial status but because of his consecrated life and leadership abilities. The Seventh – day Adventist elder, after his term of office, may be re-elected, however, the church policy does not allow him to serve indefinitely. The authority and role of the elder are restricted with the confines of the church within which the election has been made and confirmed. For details of the role and other information about the elder, see the Seventh – day Adventist church manual 18th edition revised 2010 pages 71-75.

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