Stewardship Department.

The Stewardship Department provides leadership training and education in stewardship principles for church members.

The Stewardship Department of Amoam-Acchiase Seventh-day Adventist church was set up to inform, instruct and promote to our membership and the wider community our obligations to God as creator and owner of all.

Much More than Money

Stewardship involves money but it is much more than money, it involves every aspect of our lives, including:

  • Time
  • Temple/ Body
  • Talents
  • Tithe

Four Pillars of Stewardship

  • The doctrine of Stewardship rests on four pillars:
  • God is owner – hence we are answerable to him for our use of his creation.
  • Man is a Trustee – As a trustee, I have no rights only obligations; hence I must relate to creation in a way that will please its owner
  • Tithes & offerings should be given as a sign of God’s ownership & man’s Stewardship

What is left should be used for God’s glory and man’s good Therefore every decision and choice that we make effectively is a spiritual decision, because of the fact of our accountability to God

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